Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fair Game--a movie review

This is an excellent dramatization of the Valerie Plame incident, during the run up to the Iraq war. If you recall she was outed as a CIA agent. The whole cast is top notch; Valerie is played by Naomi Watts, her husband Joe by Sean Penn.

This is a story of the dirtiest kind of misuse of power, its a story of a strong marriage challenged, and its also about integrity and the necessity to speak out when there is wrongdoing.

In spite of the fact that it deals with the USA's recent history, the issues involved are as current as today's headlines. This is an important film, well worth seeing. It is  also a call to action, and we best respond accordingly.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York-- a movie review

This is a brilliant documentary about Bill Cunningham who has been a fashion photographer for the New York Times for eons. Now in his 80's, he is a fixture in Manhattan riding on his bike from fashion event to fashion event.

The film chronicles his amazing life, from his studio home in Carnegie Hall, to his work literally on the streets and sidewalks of New York, and of course at the glamorous events he chronicles.

The man is truly delightful and obviously a devoted artist who has found his passion and life's work and is devoted to it. The film is well done, respectful, and gives a vivid picture of an amazing man.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Driving Lessons--a movie review

This British coming-of-age story is charming. Rupert Grant plays Ben, a minister's son who is 17 and ruled by his domineering do-gooder mother, played by Laura Linney. Laura is always fun to watch and she does well in this role. One of her best lines, in her complaint about the Julie Walters character, she says:"That woman is an actress!". Like nothing more needs to be said:)

Ben's opportunity to break out comes with employment as an assistant to a retired actress played to a fare-thee-well by Julie Walters, who really chews up the scenery, having great fun with this juicy role.

She practically kidnaps Ben and takes him camping and up to the Edinborough Festival where there are plenty of opportunities for adventures and growth.

The genre is familiar but the treatment here is fresh and enjoyable. Recommended!