Friday, September 30, 2011

Barney's Version-the movie reviewed

This is a great movie. I think it will most appeal to the boomer generation, but anyone who appreciates a good story well told will enjoy it. Paul Giamatti takes a virtuoso turn playing Barney and Dustin Hoffman his father. The story is a retelling of 30 years of Barney's life, and he lived a rich, full and successful life.

Rosamund Pike plays Miriam, the love of Barney's life. The role is one of a very dignified, beautiful woman and its played beautifully. In fact the acting is consistently excellent in all roles, and its all very well done.

The movie is an adaption of the novel by Mordeci Richler. The characters are very human with human failings. It is an engrossing story well told. Recommended!