Sunday, October 2, 2011

Driving Lessons--a movie review

This British coming-of-age story is charming. Rupert Grant plays Ben, a minister's son who is 17 and ruled by his domineering do-gooder mother, played by Laura Linney. Laura is always fun to watch and she does well in this role. One of her best lines, in her complaint about the Julie Walters character, she says:"That woman is an actress!". Like nothing more needs to be said:)

Ben's opportunity to break out comes with employment as an assistant to a retired actress played to a fare-thee-well by Julie Walters, who really chews up the scenery, having great fun with this juicy role.

She practically kidnaps Ben and takes him camping and up to the Edinborough Festival where there are plenty of opportunities for adventures and growth.

The genre is familiar but the treatment here is fresh and enjoyable. Recommended!

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