Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Help--the movie reviewed

The place: Jackson, Mississippi. The time: The early 60's. The subject: A young white woman writer decides to write a book about the maids who work in her town from the maid's point of view.

Segregation is a subject that has been done many times in film but I have never seen it done better. I was surprised to find that this story was not based upon a true story, it has the ring of truth.

Although the film has its flaws, they pale in light of a story brilliantly told. The cast is universally excellent, with Viola Davis playing the primary maid with a brilliance that must be seen. Her performance screams Oscar, and I'll bet this film gets a bunch of nominations at the very least. Emma Stone as the writer is great too. But it is almost unfair to call attention to specific cast members since they were all really excellent. It is well written, well performed, and beautifully done in all respects, camera work, costumes, its all there.

I found it engrossing and moving from start to finish. Especially for those that grew up in this time period and have been at all involved with civil rights, this one will grab you and not let go.  Highly recommended!

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